Reseller Guide

Earn a second income

If you’re looking to earn a second income then why not become a Christmas Elves Reseller and make Christmas special for everyone this year?

We have a fantastic range of jewellery, beauty and household products available. Simply choose which bundles you would like to buy, order them and then resell the items as you wish – it couldn’t be easier.


Become your own boss

Choose your own hours, be your own boss, set your own targets and deadlines – you’re not under pressure from anyone else. Become a sales angel bringing alive the spirit of Christmas and boost your pre-Christmas earnings whilst bringing Christmas joy to your customers.

Whether you already have an established reselling business, a market stall, online shop or this is your first foray into the world of reselling we have made our process simple and easy for you to follow so you get started quickly.


Established retailers:

If you are already and established retailer or reseller then please contact us and we can get you signed up straight away.


Just starting out:

If you are new to reselling or have limited experience we have some handy tips. Read through our getting started guide below and we look forward to talking to you about becoming a Christmas Elves Reseller


Getting started guide

  1. First steps

Think about where you are going to sell your items, if you don’t already have a sales system set up do some research into local events happening in October, November and December e.g. Christmas fairs, school fetes or Christmas sales, events in village halls, local Christmas street markets, weekly markets.


Organise product parties at home or hosted by friends. Make a leaflet and hand out at the gym, yoga classes, book club, parents from school, walking group, knitting club etc.


Tell you friends and family what you are doing so that they can help you at events or just giving moral support, they can also make recommendations to their friends and ring in new customers. Look at online options for reselling and think about the logistics of how you will deliver or post items to customers.


Remember if you are doing face-to-face sales you will need to be enthusiastic, show your cheerful personality, be friendly and confident in promoting your products.


  1. How much money?

How much money would you would like to earn?  Work out how many products you need to sell each week or month to achieve that. Then create a diary of selling opportunities that can help you to achieve your goal.


  1. Taking payments

How you are going to take payment for products? Think about a cash float, whether you will accept cheques, use paypal or look at a mobile card machine.  If you have an online site is there an ecommerce system set up for you?


  1. Getting around

If you are attending or holding events think about what transport you need and how you are going to carry the products from your call to the stall. Talk with friends about the equipment you might need such as a table to display the products, decorations for the table to create a Christmas theme.  Have a money box for any takings and whether you want to have bags for purchased products.  Be quirky – how can you display prices using Christmas stickers or do you want to use order forms that people can take way with them that have your details and products.


  1. Give us a call

Now you’re ready to come and talk with us. Get in contact and one of our team members will take you through the buying process and answer any queries you might have.


  1. Choose what you want

It’s the fun bit - look at the products and place your order.  We’ll make sure your Christmas bundles are put together quickly so that you don’t have to wait.


  1. An official Xmas Elves Reseller

Start earning!  Keep your sales diary full of events, ideas for promoting your online shop and Xmas parties.  Enjoy the start of your journey as a Christmas Elves Reseller.