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Graphite Mitre Saw 1400W - 185mm Blade

Graphite Mitre Saw 1400W - 185mm Blade

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Graphite saw 59G800
GRAPHITE cutting saw with head feed function, powered by a 1400 W motor, designed to accurately cut large pieces of wood and wood-based materials
The device has the ability to adjust the supports of the material being processed, as well as the ability to quickly determine the popular cutting angles
The angle and bevelled cutting range is from 0° to 45°
The saw is a compact and stable design, made of aluminium alloy, has a metal shaft lock for convenience and safety, the main handle of the
unit is covered with anti-slip material
The exact positioning of the cut material will be facilitated by the laser pointer integrated into the device
Carbon brushes can be replaced by themselves from the outside. The kit with a hacksaw includes: a dust bag, a vertical clip for storing the treated material and a collection wrench.
Compliance with European standards is ensured by CE certificate

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