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Urban Decay 3 Pcs Glitter Liner

Urban Decay 3 Pcs Glitter Liner

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The Urban Decay 3-Piece Glitter Eyeliner Set is a must-have for adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to your eye makeup. This set includes three dazzling shades: a mesmerizing purple, a vibrant green, and a shimmering silver. Each eyeliner boasts a glittery and sparkly finish, perfect for creating bold and eye-catching looks.

The purple shade adds a regal and mysterious vibe to your eyes, while the green hue brings a pop of vibrant color that captivates attention. The silver eyeliner offers a timeless and versatile option, ideal for creating luminous and ethereal looks.

With their precision brush applicators, these eyeliners make it easy to achieve precise lines and intricate designs. Whether you're going for a subtle hint of shimmer or a full-on glittery statement, this Urban Decay set allows you to unleash your creativity and elevate your eye makeup game to dazzling new heights.

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