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Vass - Tex 600 Series Waders

Vass - Tex 600 Series Waders

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The Vass-Tex 600 series range offers a very high quality wading bird at an excellent price/performance ratio. Features include a robust PVC Wellington boot fused with the new 600g Vass-Tex body (PVC/ Polyester) to ensure reliability and comfort.

An inside pocket and wider shoulder straps are also included in this wading bird. Unlike other manufacturers in this price category, Vass is happy to offer the option of tungsten studded soles, making the 600 series probably the best studded PVC wading bird on the market.

Key features:

  • Black
  • Wellington boot made of sturdy and thick PVC
  • Vass-Tex 600 (PVC/ Polyester)
  • Wide elastic straps
  • Non-studded sole
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